Thursday, August 20, 2015

Word of Author advertising: How novels can play a role in promoting Brands

I was invited to speak at ITC Maurya, New Delhi, during the recently concluded Brand Partnership Meet which was attended by over 80 leading brands from all over the country.

As a bestselling novelist and a startup enthusiast who believes that stories can emotionally connect brands with their customers, I proposed that brands should explore the possibility of leveraging the power of literature for their branding and sales. I called it the 'word of author advertising'.

The idea had positive influence on many and I was almost mobbed during the tea break. The concept is at the idea stage at the moment and I invite readers to discuss this at various forums to find an implementable model that connects brands with books.

      My short interview after the session. 
(Watch it here on Youtube) 


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  2. Indians have evolved with mythical traditions. I think they can work fabulously as commercial brands through authors like you.

  3. I don't know if i like the idea of literature playing a central role in promoting brands and sales too.
    Although i understand what you are getting at.